To Aseman kahvila Tampere


Our showcase is filled with self-made salads, sandwiches and bagels. Aside with beer, wine, and cocktails we provide you with delicious espresso coffees and cold brew’s.

3,90 €


4,90 €

Cafe Latte

5,50 €

Cafe Mocha

Lunch to go

Tasty salad?

On the go, one can grab lunch either for a smaller or a bigger hunger. Everyday we have changing salads, sandwiches, focaccias and smaller treats like smoothies. On the spot we bake artisan pizzas, we recommend trying!

Tampere products


For your family and friends at home, we have great local souvenirs made in Pirkanmaa and in Finland. On our shelves we have coffee, chocolate, soaps, t-shirts and other delightful gifts.

About us

Aseman Kahvila Tampere

Homely and relaxed cafe next to the third entrance to the station

Come and enjoy on the spot or grab to go

Aseman kahvila Tampere is a cafe located in the station. We provide you with quick and easy foods and drinks on your way by train, or help you realx with a glass of wine after a hard day at work.

We go forward with customer service as number one, and welcome everyone into our cafe!

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Aseman Kahvila


Coffee 2,50 €
Tea Brew 3,00 €
Bag of tea 2,50 €
Espresso 2,90 €
Double espresso 3,90 €
Cappuccino 3,90 €
Flat White 4,50 €
Cafe Latte 4,90 €
Ice Latte 4,90 €
Cafe Mocha 5,50 €
Hot chocolate 4,20 €
Cold Brew 4,00 €
Cold Brew Latte 4,90 €
Cold Brew Mocha 5,50 €
Cold brew cranberry tonic 6,00 €
Cold brew orange-vanilla 5,00 €
Syrup flavours 0,50 €

Aseman Kahvila


Kahvi 2,50
Irtotee 3,20
Pussitee 2,90
Americano 4,20
Espresso 3,20
Doppio 4,90
Cappuccino 4,20
Flat White 4,90
Cafe Latte 4,90
Cafe Mocha 5,90
Cafe Caramel 5,90
Matcha Latte 5,90
Jäälatte 4,90
Kaakao 4,50
Cold Brew 4,20
Cold Brew Latte 4,90
Cold Brew Mocha 5,90
Cold Brew Caramel 5,90